Welcome to Tortugas Pueblo 

The Pueblo of Tortugas is nestled in the scenic Mesilla Valley, New Mexico alongside Interstate 10 west of New Mexico State University. Tortugas has continually carried out its Native American customs and traditions in Tortugas Pueblo and Tortugas Mountain.  Our lands in Tortugas were patented on February 8, 1907, to the Dona Ana Bend Colony; deeded by the Board of Trustees of the Dona Ana Bend Colony Community Grant to the Commissioners of the Pueblo of Guadalupe, and they, in turn, deeded the lands to the Corporation on September 14, 1914.  A non-profit Corporation was created to handle the business affairs of the tribe.  Articles of Incorporation were filed in New Mexico on May 14, 1914, and re-incorporation occurred on August 24, 1963. 

Throughout the year, Tortugas Pueblo carries out its Native American rituals on its lands in Tortugas Pueblo.  Our buildings include the “Casa del Pueblo” (main meeting house and kiva), the “Capia” (Capilla), “Casa de la Comida” (Dining Hall), and “Escuelita” (schoolhouse).  We hold our meetings, Native American religious ceremonies and dances, and tribal government events in these buildings and on the grounds in our village.  In addition, Tortugas Pueblo carries out its Native American pilgrimages and ceremonies at Tortugas Mountain.